The 131st Sandringham Flower Show 2012

The Sandringham Flower Show returns to east England this year for it’s 131st annual flower show!

On Wednesday the 25th of July , you will have the opportunity to take part in one of the countries longest running and most prestigious flower shows. Set in Sandringham park, participants have will have access to a range of attractions that are bound to satisfy even the biggest flower fanatics. Here are a few examples of the events that will be available at the Sandringham flower show this year:

  • ·Showgardens will be the event to be at if you want to see a large variety of different floral gardens built and grown by hobbyists and professionals alike, you can even apply to rent your own plot and show off your garden, with sizes from 8×8 metres for large gardens, and 4×5 for small gardens. If you participate with your own garden plot, you can enter the competition in which all of the plots are individually judged and graded gold, silver glit, sliver and bronze.
  • ·Horticultural experts from around the country will be giving shows and tips on the best ways to grow a flower paradise in your own garden
  • ·Craft Marquee, which will play host to over 40 different crafts
  • ·Trade exhibits, where you will have the opportunity to buy a wide range of products, from flower and plants growing kits, to food and souvenir gifts
  • ·And more!

Check out The Sandringham Flower Show’s official site, –  – To find more useful information regarding this fantastic flower show, including :

  • ·Local Restaurants
  • ·Ticket buying facilities
  • ·Directions
  • ·Parking arrangements

So don’t hesitate to have a look for yourself, and come along to this great flower show!