Yorkshire pride, beautiful Flower Garden gains Prestigious award

A tranquil garden built in Chelsea to replicate the true Yorkshire feel has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Chelsea flowers show for the third time in a row.

The unique Yorkshire flower garden was created the Bronte Sisters and was voted to win by no less than 10,000 people to win the award. The garden features old farm style walls shipped down from the Yorkshire dales. There are country style foliage with plenty greenery with local flowers and an old green house equipped with Yorkshire tools and traditional Yorkshire flowers. The garden is quite literally a taste of Yorkshire.

Walking through the Garden, many expressed a sense of piece and tranquillity, a reminder of Britain’s hidden beauty. Many have also stated that the garden actually had the smell of Yorkshire, the smell of fresh air, fresh flowers and the open country side. The creators are thrilled with their win, and hope to do Yorkshire proud with their beautiful garden.