Yellow blooms for a bright summer wedding

As popular as a summer wedding is, yellow blooms, on the other hand, aren’t always that popular. It’s sad that many brides choose colours other than yellow when it can be one of the most striking colours next to a white wedding dress. Think of the white calla, for example. Think about how the large yellow pistil stands out from the rest of the flower and plant. The festive yellow colour is sure to induce a feeling of joy and allow the bride to send this message to all of her guests as she walks around the island.

Stunning sunflowers

During the summer, there is certainly no shortage of flowers and yellow is a colour in which many flowers are available. A cheerful and perhaps unusual wedding flower is the sunflower. They bloom throughout the spring and summer, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them at any flower shop. The size of the bride’s bouquet will depend on the design of her dress. Consider the bouquet and dress Diana wore when she married Prince Charles. Her dress was extremely puffy and had the longest train many have ever seen. Her bouquet was also large and fell to the floor. Similarly, another famous royal wedding between William and Kate showed how a simpler, form-fitting gown looks better with a smaller bodice. So, if you have a big, puffy dress, consider including small sunflowers in your bouquet. However, this isn’t a good idea if you have a more form-fitting dress, as large flowers will almost make the bride disappear. If so, it would be best to use them as part of your table displays and centrepieces. Large yellow blooms will especially steal the show if the dress is particularly modest.

Alstroemeria and daisies

Exotic-looking alstroemerias are in season during the summer and one of the wonderful colours they come in is yellow and what a brilliant yellow it really is! These yellow blooms can be used in both centrepieces and portable bouquets. Gerbera daisies are beautifully large and come in many warm colours like yellow, orange and red. With these flowers, you can skip any mass or filler flowers and keep it simple with some gerberas and dark green foliage. In fact, when you create a centrepiece with a base of dark green foliage and simply add equal numbers of red, yellow, and orange gerberas, your bouquet is complete! No mess, no fuss, just a few fabulous flowers for that special day!

Orchids and roses

Several orchids and lilies will be in season during the summer and a large percentage of them come in shades of yellow. It would be best to check with your local florist or online for availability in your area. Of course, as always, there is the rose. Yellow blooms like roses symbolize friendship and who better to marry than your best friend? What a beautiful representation they can be of your strong relationship based on friendship.

Yellow blooms will help you create a truly joyful environment which is what weddings are all about. Remember, there are many more options available. Simply discuss with your florist about some seasonal flowers if you would like to keep your budget as low as possible.