The worlds top 5 rarest Flowers

The world as we know it is full of wild and wonderful flowers. Flowers grow on every continent on the planet. However some flowers are really rare and in some cases the flower only survives in greenhouses through man made efforts. In this article I will go through the worlds top 5 most rarest flowers.

  1. Middlemist Red:

    The Middlemist Red is probably the most rarest flower on the planet because only 2 known flowers are currently alive. One of the flowers is in a garden in New Zealand the other in a greenhouse in Britain. The plant originally from China from imported to Britain by John Middlemist in 1804. The flower evidently is named after John Middlemist. Since the flower has come to Britain it has been wiped out in China. 

    No flowers in Britain were on record for years until one started to bloom recently. The flower contradicts its own name as it is pink and looks like a rose. It is possible that some forms of the flowers has survived in peoples gardens over the years as John Middlemist sold the flower to the public when he first introduced it to Britain.

  1. Ghost Orchid:

    The Ghost Orchid was presumed extinct for almost 20 years until it started to flower once more. The flower is rare because it is impossible to propagate. It has no leaves, it doesn’t require photosynthesis and it doesn’t create its own food. It needs a fungus near its roots system which will feed it. The Ghost Orchid will never grow any leaves and will therefore always depend on fungus for its food. 

    The Orchid can live underground for many years waiting for the conditions are perfect for it to flower. Some orchid enthusiasts have searched for this flower for years and years just to have one look at this amazing flower.

  2. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers:

    This flower is very rare but can crop up all over Europe. Britain only has one of these plants which is currently in bloom and is on a golf course and has been under police inspection since 1917. One cutting of the flower is worth up to 5000 US dollars and the plant is very difficult to propagate. The seeds which the flower produces doesn’t bear any nourishment for the plant and it needs a specific fungus to survive. 

    Once the adult leaves can provide the flower with enough nourishment the fungus will then live of the flower. There are many types of Lady Slipper Orchids and many are rare. This particular orchid has dark purple tendrils with a bright yellow slipper.

  1. Koki’o:

    The Koki’o is an extremely rare tree which grows in Hawaii. It was found in 1860 and at the time only three specimens was known. By the 1950s the last seed from the tree had died and it was announced extinct. 

    However in 1970 a sole survivor was found but it was destroyed in a fire in 1978. One of the branches on the tree was saved and that was grafted into 23 trees which all survive today and are planted in various locations around the Hawaiian Islands. The Koki’o grows to about 10-11 metres high. The tree produces hundreds of bright red flowers that mature trees create annually. Sadly this tree is very rare and only a few will be privileged to see.

  1. Chocolate Cosmos:

    This flower is dark red and in some cases brown and grows in its native country of Mexico. Sadly the flower has been extinct in the wild for over one hundred years. The species only survives today as a non fertile clone which was created in 1902 by vegetative propagation. 

    The flowers grow to about 3-4 cm in diameter. The flower gives off a lovely vanilla smell in the summer and this makes it a wonderful ornament plant for your home.