Wonderful winter centrepiece ideas

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this year. Instead of focusing on the grey skies, why not embrace the beautiful way in which nature manages to transform year after year? The right winter centrepiece is just what you need to keep those spirits up and prevent anyone from feeling down this holiday season. Here are great design ideas.

Extending the festive season

Whether Christmas is still on the way or you have just celebrated, you can still enjoy Christmas decorations and colour schemes all the way into the first week of the New Year. This means that your winter centrepiece can contain the popular Christmas colour combination of red, white and green. Alternatively, you could choose red, gold and green if you have wide decorations elsewhere in the room. If you are looking for an arrangement that will look spectacular during the festive season but also suit the winter theme, you may prefer white and blue designs.

Embracing winter

Since there is nothing you can do to hurry summer along, you can always make the most of these colder, snowy months. White flowers such as roses, tulips and even lilies are elegant and suited for this time of year. If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party or dinner, your winter centrepiece will make your home look even better on the day.

Tablescape designs

Centrepieces have come a long way over the years. Today, people often choose simple yet stunning designs and this is what makes tablescapes such a hit. You don’t need a lot of flowers or large bouquets to achieve a truly elegant look. Your winter design should include an uneven number of vases of different heights. They can be clustered together in the middle of a round table or spread along the middle of a rectangular table, for example. Pair your flowers with candles and you can even add some artificial snow if you like. Consider adding other symbols of winter like mini pine cones here and there,

With the right winter centrepiece, you can be sure that you will create the perfect atmosphere during and between celebrations. You don’t have to entertain guests to decorate your home and dinner table. The holidays give everyone the perfect reason to brighten up their homes and make dining together a true pleasure.