Wonderful varieties of tulips

When we think about tulips, there’s usually one image that comes to mind. The most common or standard tulip is the most well-known but there are plenty of other varieties. In some cases, these varieties look so different that many people don’t even realise that they are in fact tulips!

Standard Tulips

As briefly mentioned above, standard tulips are the most common and the type with which we are all familiar. They are available in a wide variety of colours and the tones of these colours are bold and striking. When you look at a yellow tulip, for example, it is in no way pale. It’s a bright shade of yellow that really grabs your attention. The same can be said for the other colours of this type of tulip. Some standard tulips are available in a gorgeous bi-colour combination. Red and yellow or red and orange are some common colour combinations. For the most part, you will find standard tulips readily available at your florist and they are also quite affordable.

Parrot Tulips

There are a few differences between parrot tulips and regular tulips. Firstly, they tend to grow faster. They also have larger blooms which means that they can be challenging to cultivate. A larger head means more weight on the stem. Tulips are generally prone to drooping but cultivators have addressed this problem in parrot tulips by helping the plants develop stronger stems. You will still notice that they curve more than regular tulips but they do not droop as much as they did before these developments were made. All tulips of the parrot variety are multi-coloured and, once they open, they really are an amazing sight to behold!

Double Tulips

These tulips are also called peony bloom tulips because they have multiple layers of petals. They are excellent flowers to use when you want a fuller-looking bouquet. They are perfect all on their own or you can add them to a vase of mixed flowers. If peonies are not in season, consider using double tulips instead! Some varieties of double tulips are particularly rare and they are only in season for a few weeks every year. So, if you are partial to any of these flowers, make sure that you let your florist know in advance!

Frill Tulips

These tulips have a noticeably frilly or fringed appearance. They are similar to regular tulips but the edges of the petals are frilled. This frilled appearance give the flower added texture and, while it still looks somewhat like a tulip, your friends and loved ones will most certainly ask you what kind of flowers you have on display!

As you can tell, tulips are so much more than just regular flowers found at your florist. There are so many varieties and colours from which to choose. So, the next time you shop for flowers, be on the look out for these unusual tulip variations!