White blooms for wonderful winter weddings

If you are planning on tying the knot this winter, you may like to make the most of the white winter theme. Here are some excellent ideas for decorating using white blooms this winter. Not only are these flowers elegant, but they are also perfect for this time of year.

Ivory and cream-coloured arrangements

Not all shades of white are the same and, sometimes, the most beautiful white blooms are those that are not quite white at all. Ivory and cream-coloured roses, peonies, orchids and ranunculus will certainly set the tone for an elegant event. While many people may recommend combining several types of flowers, you could choose a single type of flower and a single colour for your wedding. This is because elegance and simplicity go hand in hand.

Pastel accents

While the monochromatic approach mentioned above is extremely stylish, you might feel the need to pair your white blooms with something that will add just the tiniest dose of colour. If this is the case, pastels are an excellent choice. Consider adding a few pastel-shaded limonium and wax flowers to the bouquets for a hint of colour.

Bold accents

For those brides who really want to stand out in the crowd, there is nothing bolder than a touch of red in a bouquet of white blooms! So, if you have your heart set on white roses, you could add some red ones too. Similarly, if you love the idea of white lilies, you could incorporate a few red berries here and there. There are many ways in which the colour red can be added to white bouquets. If you are running out of ideas, simply ask your florist for some expert advice.

Some sparkle

White blooms also look really elegant when paired with silver or gold accessories. Make sure that you choose one of these metallic shades rather than both since they do not necessarily always look good together. It will depend on your personal preferences as well as the general theme of the wedding. If you choose off-white or cream-coloured flowers, gold would be the better choice. Pure white flowers look great with silver but they also look good with gold.

Remember, when pairing any other flowers or accessories with your white blooms, you also want to look for some ways in which you can add variations in texture. Berries, branches, feathers and similar items are great for doing just that.