Weekend flower delivery advice

When ordering a gorgeous bouquet of fresh blooms, we often don’t think about weekend flower delivery services. In so many cases, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries fall on a week day which means that we don’t really need to plan for a weekend delivery. Of course, there are some occasions like Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day that call for a weekend delivery. In these cases, it’s always important to be prepared.

Plan ahead of time

Planning is essential no matter the gift, occasion or recipient. Planning ahead of time will help you save money and shopping will be far less stressful. You can shop at your leisure and really hunt for bargains if you are on a tight budget. Speaking of budgets, this is also part of the planning process. You should have an approximate amount in mind before you start shopping. Knowing how much you are able to spend on a weekend flower delivery will help you shop accordingly and avoid overspending.

Consider the recipient’s schedule

When it comes to a weekend flower delivery, you should always consider their schedule. For example, are they usually home on the weekends or do they work? Keep their plans in mind as much as possible. If you can, try to discuss the recipient’s schedule with their partner or spouse. They can help you by telling you when the best day for delivery is.

Where to deliver

This point ties in with the one above. You will need to decide where the flowers are to be delivered. For instance, if they are expected to work that day, you should include their work address. If they should be home, then their home address is the better option. Of course, if you are unsure of their exact schedule and you live nearby, you could receive the flower delivery and then present the bouquet to them in person instead.

Place your order early

Last but not least, don’t forget to place your order early. When it comes to occasions like Mother’s Day or weekend deliveries in general, your florist and their couriers can get booked up fast. Set your mind at ease by placing your order at least a week or two in advance so that you don’t have to worry about missing out.

With these great tips, you too can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a weekend flower delivery when you need it the most. Remember that next day deliveries are also available on weekends but the cut off times vary depending on the day of the week. So, be sure to check these cut off times before finalising your flower order.