Gothic blooms that will define your bouquet

When creating any type of flower arrangement, you need to consider the theme and colour scheme. Gothic blooms can help you create a truly dramatic design without much effort at all. The key is to source the right flowers as well as the appropriate colours. Here are some ideas to consider.

Iris Chrysographes

While these Gothic blooms are very attractive, they are just as poisonous. These flowers are loved for their intense purple-black colour and the plant can reach 45cm in height. When handling them, take care and always wear gloves.

Baccara Roses

These roses may look like most other. However, the one thing that makes them different is the fact that they are available in black. This makes them the perfect choice when it comes to Gothic blooms.

Black Velvet Nasturtium

These are the darkest-coloured types of Nasturtium blooms available and, despite the name, they are actually mahogany in colour. You can be sure that you will make a grand statement when displaying these Gothic blooms!

Dahlia, Karma Choc

Not only are these flowers loved for their gorgeous appearance, but they are also known for their chocolate scent. If you want Gothic blooms that will grab the attention of every visitor, these Dahlias are your number one choice.

Black Ray Petunia

With their trumpet-like shape and velvety petals, these Petunias are sure to steal the show no matter where they are displayed. If you want to give your home a spooky feel, you can place these Gothic blooms throughout the communal areas of your house and it will surely have the desired effect.

For the most part, Gothic flowers are not pure black. They are usually a dark shade of red, purple or blue. When the lighting in the room is dim, they will pass for black. However, if the light shines just right, you will be able to see their true colour. All the same, these dark hues make for a stunningly spooky display.