Wedding flowers for the autumn season

While summer is a popular season for weddings, many couples actually prefer the autumn season thanks to the milder temperatures. Warmer weather can make everyone sweat and the bride’s make up may even run. For this reason, many couples choose to have their wedding in the autumn season. The good news is that, apart from the milder weather, you will also have plenty of choices when it comes to wedding flowers.

Colour choices

If you are searching for the perfect autumn wedding flowers, the first thing you need to consider is the colour scheme for your big day. Autumn is associated with colours like dark red, rusty orange, mustard yellow, brown, off-white and dark green. You don’t have to use all of these colours but you can combine as many as you wish. The darker colours paired with some off-white will create a lovely contrast. Brown can be added in the form of various accessories like wheat, sticks and pine cones.


Autumn wedding flowers should also be rich in texture. This means that you need to choose just the right flowers, foliage and accents. You should look for flowers that vary in texture. For example, some should have smoother petals while others should be more ruffled. You can also include other accessories with a harder appearance, like sticks, and berries to give your bouquets contrast.

Seasonal blooms

Another great tip to remember when choosing autumn wedding flowers is to ask your florist about seasonal blooms. Dahlias are a popular choice because they are bursting with colour and very rich in texture. Another great option are chrysanthemums for these same reasons. You will find both dahlias and chrysanthemums in various colours. Another great reason for choosing mums is because of their price. They are some of the most affordable blooms and you can usually find them at your local florist throughout the year. They make excellent mass flowers. Remember, you can also use flowers that are not in season provided most of your blooms are seasonal. This will help keep costs as low as possible.


Finally, never underestimate the importance of using the right container for your bouquets. They can really help you underline the theme of your wedding. Autumn wedding flowers look best in trays that are concealed or you can arrange them in vases that are brown, dark green or transparent.

Remember, you can also decorate your tables with accessories like pine cones, acorns, dried leaves, mini pumpkins and gourds. You can scatter these items along the centre of the table or place them around the vase to emphasize the autumn theme and the beauty of your wedding flowers.