Flowers laid in memory of the 9/11 victims at Ground Zero

It is 11 years to the day that the world was shook by the worst terrorist attack in its history. Today mourners gather to mark the 11 anniversary of the attack which took almost 3000 lives. Flowers were laid at the world trade centre site in memory of those gone.

The memorial site shows the gaping holes of where the two giant towers once stood. Water symbolically now pours into them with the names of the victims and heroes of the day. Today 1000s of people will lay floral tributes on the site, the ceremony was led with a recital of the names of all those who perished including the NYC Fire Department.

People stood in silence whilst a bell rang at the exact times the planes went into the buildings and at the time they collapsed.

Construction continues with the Freedom tower, it has already began to grow above the New York skyline.