Wedding flowers for a modest event

While big flashy weddings seemed to be quite the trend back in the day, many couples today prefer a more intimate affair. Not only are modest weddings budget friendly, but the limited guest list makes them that much more special. The bride and groom will have more time to interact with each guest and it will be a truly memorable day for everyone. When choosing décor and wedding flowers for a modest wedding, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Choosing colours

The first thing to consider is your colour scheme. Since this is a smaller event, there really is no need to go all out. It’s best to keep things simple with one main colour. If, for example, you choose the colour peach, you can decorate with peach-coloured wedding flowers paired with white blooms and some dusty green foliage. Remember, your peach blooms will be your focal flowers while the white stems will be mass and filler flowers. For this reason, you could spend a bit more on the focal flowers and opt for cheaper fillers. Roses and lilies make excellent focal blooms with carnations and daisy-like blooms as your mass flowers.

Where flowers are needed

Once you have a colour scheme in mind, it’s time to decide where you will display your wedding flowers. The first area you will need to decorate is your ceremony location. Even if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will still need seats for your guests. This means that you can attach a small bouquet to the end of each row to decorate the isle. You can also place a floral arch at the end of the isle. It doesn’t need to have too many flowers. You can cover it with some white fabric and pin flowers along the front end of the arch frame. If you like, or even as an alternative to the arch, you can place one bouquet on either side of where the bride and groom are set to say their vows.

Reception blooms

As for the reception, you will need to decorate each table with a centrepiece. Again, you do not need to choose the biggest bouquets or most expensive wedding flowers. A small display will be more than enough with all the glasses, plates and everything else on the table.

Apart from the décor, you will also need to order a bouquet for the bride, one for each bridesmaid and boutonnieres for all the men in the wedding party. The bride’s bouquet should be the most impressive of all. This goes for size and the types of flowers you plan on using.