Water house plants while on holiday

If you are planning on going away on holiday but you are worried about the well-being of your plants, there are a number of excellent and easy solutions to water house plants while you’re away.

Water bottle

This is a simple method that will last for about 5 days. All you need is a bottle with a screw top. You will need to make a couple of holes in the cap and then fill the bottle with water. Then place the cap on top and position the bottle upside down over the pot. The water will drip slowly into the pot to keep the plant hydrated.

Water bath

This method is best when you need to water house plants that are particularly thirsty such as tropical plants. Place the pot in a bath or tub of water and they will certainly not dehydrate. If the plant is not tropical, this method can do more harm than good. So, make sure that you understand the needs of the plant before selecting a watering method.

Wicking drip

This is a handy way to water house plants. Especially if you have several plants. You can keep your plants happy for up to three weeks depending on the amount of water, the weather and the number of plants you are watering from a single bowl. Place a cotton rope in a bowl of water on a table. Place your plant on the floor and place the other end of the cotton rope below the soil in the pot. The cotton will absorb the water and transfer it to the pot. Make sure that the rope is slack and not tight.

Plant saucer

This method will suffice for a couple of days. You need to make sure that your planter has holes in the bottom. Place the planter on a saucer and fill this saucer with water. The soil will soak up the water while you are away and it’s an effective way to water house plants for a couple of days.

Plastic greenhouse

If you plan on being away for several months, you can place a plastic bag over the plant and secure it to the top of the pot. This works for most plants but you should not use this method for succulents. It can keep your plants happy and hydrated for up to 8 months.

With these ways to water house plants while on holiday, you need never worry about your favourite house plant again. Just take note of the type of plants that you have and use the right method for each plant