Vintage flower design ideas

You may have noticed how fashion trends have a way of making a comeback from time to time. Take wide leg pants and halter tops for example. How often have they found their way into our cupboards over the years? Vintage themes have also made their way back several times and this does not only apply to clothing. Home décor and flower arrangement styles have also adopted this trend. If you want to create your own vintage flower design, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Flower types

First of all, you need to be aware of the types of flowers you are using. Back in those days, it was not all about orchids and roses. It was a very different era and the arrangements more closely resembled wild flower bouquets. In fact, this is how most vintage flower arrangements made their way into the home. Young girls and women would pick flowers from nearby fields and bring them inside. They would pop the flowers in a vase with water and display them right away on the dining room table or elsewhere in the home. Shop for blooms that look like they could grow in a field. One great example is the daisy. You should also look for foliage that resembles herbs rather than shiny leaves.

Vase options

Another important part of your vintage flower design is the vase. You need to make sure that your flowers are properly supported in a vase that will suit the theme of the arrangement. Look around for old tins or even watering cans. If the container you fancy is not able to hold water, you can always slide a jar inside the container. Just make sure that the jar fits inside the container and is not visible.

Thrift shop hunting

Second-hand shops have some great finds if you are in the market for vintage items. You just need to be prepared to look in every corner and on every shelf. If you find a vintage vase hiding somewhere, it might be chipped or slightly cracked. Not to worry because you can always conceal the damage by properly turning the vase and positioning so that the damaged part is against a wall. If the vase does not hold water, again, you can place a plastic container inside it to hold water. Alternatively, you can use wet floral foam inside the vase when creating your vintage flower design.

Smaller arrangements

Your vintage flower design does not have to be large or grand. It can be small and simple too. You can use teacups to create small bouquets that can be set on your side tables. Just be sure to place your teacup on a matching saucer to give it that perfect finishing touch.

Creating a vintage flower arrangement does not need to be complicated. If you are looking for inspiration, all you need to do is search around for flowers online. Look for designs that were popular around this time of year and don’t forget to shop for some herbs like lavender and thyme. They were often used for their decorative properties as well as in the kitchen.