Vintage flower arrangement ideas

Fashion and design trends have a way of making a comeback every now and then. Just think of halter tops and wide leg pants. One of the most recent popular trends is the return of vintage. In fact, this trend has been gaining momentum for a couple of years, at least, and is influencing clothing, accessories, and home décor. If you want to create a vintage flower arrangement, you need only make the following small, yet effective adjustments.

The first thing you will need to consider is your flower selection. If you want to create that vintage appearance, you need to think back to the types of flowers that were popular during this time. You soul also think of the flower arranging style. For the most part, people would pick wild flowers and arrange them themselves in various vases and ornamental containers. So, look for flowers that will serve this purpose. Look for any flowers that look like they could quite easily have been picked in a nearby field or garden. Daisy-like flowers and greenery that resembles herbs are good places to start. You should also look for a variety of colours or stick to a single type of flower and one colour. Even a bunch of lavender can be arranged in a vintage-style vase to achieve the desired effect.

As for containers, you have a number of great options. Look around your home for old tins. If they are not able to hold water without leaking, you can place a glass or plastic cup inside the tin and arrange your flowers in this cup. The same can be done if you plan on using an old watering can or vintage-style teapot.

Make a trip to your local thrift shop and look for anything that can be used as a vase. It might be glass or even porcelain. No matter what, it does need to be able to hold water. You could even use several old tins (from beans, corn, or anything you buy in a can). Remove the label and let them age a bit before using them. Place the tines in an old wire basket and arrange your flowers in the tins.

For smaller bouquets, you can even use vintage-looking teacups. Make sure that you include the matching saucer too! This is particularly great for flowers with short stems since they need only peak over the rim of the cup.

You can also use a wooden crate filled with waterproof containers. Fill these containers with flowers and then arrange them inside the crate. The affect you should try to create is that of a window box garden.