Vase fillers for autumn arrangements

If you want to create a beautiful autumn flower arrangement that will really stand out, you need to focus on more than just the flowers and foliage that you choose. Your vase really can make all the difference. While you could opt for a brown or dark green vase, most of us have transparent vases in our cupboards. Which is great because they work for all types of bouquets. The trick to making your arrangement look exceptional when using a clear vase is to use some vase fillers that suit the theme and season. Here are some ideas for your autumn arrangements.

Pine cones

Many people struggle financially which means that expensive vase fillers are not an option. Fortunately for us, nature has a way of helping out. Pine cones, for example, make excellent vase fillers. Now, it is important to note that by getting them wet, they will start to decay and this can shorten the lifespan of your arrangement. That said, if you plan on creating a dried arrangement, they will certainly last since they will not be placed in water at all. Another option is to simply add pine cones around the base of the vase.

Acorns and nuts

Just like pine cones, acorns and nuts also make wonderful vase fillers. They add that pretty shade of brown which is so prevalent during this time of year. Again, you might not want to get them wet. In this case, since they are small enough, you could use the double vase method. Place your vase with water inside a larger vase of the same shape. Fill the space between the two vases with your filler and you’re all set!

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit can be added to some vases, depending on the size of the vase and its shape. If you want to use fruit, you should make sure the fruit is not starting to spoil or decay. When placed in the vase water, your fruit should remain whole rather than sliced. Slices can be used if you are using the double vase method. You can add slices into the area between the two vases and you can add some water to both vases if you like. Just make sure that the two water sources are kept separate to prevent bacterial growth from the fruit to affect your blooms.

Artificial fillers

If your budget allows, artificial vase fillers are excellent because they will not spoil and they can be reused. Pebbles, gem stones or even artificial berries, for example, can make the perfect filler. Remember, the vase water will magnify them so it’s important to choose fillers that are of a higher quality.

These are just a few excellent ideas for vase fillers that you can use in your autumn bouquets. Some of them are so versatile that you can use them throughout the year! Always consider the colour of your flowers before choosing your fillers. You want them to create a contrast. If ever in doubt, green or brown fillers will always look lovely.