Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day celebrations are best planned in advance if you want everything to be perfect. Another important point to consider is the stage of your relationship. For example, new couples will celebrate differently than those who have been married for several years. Here are some ideas for different stages of your relationship.

For new relationships:

If you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, there are a number of romantic options. You can enjoy a romantic dinner out or, if you want to keep things extra simple, you can just go out for dessert and drinks. You could even enjoy a fun night out at the bowling alley, ice skating rink, or something along these lines. If you enjoy wine, you could secure your spots at a wine tasting event nearby. Of course, you don’t want to forget the romantic bouquet of flowers, perhaps some chocolates, and a stuffed animal.

For steady couples:

If you have been dating for a while and things are fairly serious, then you are most likely more comfortable with one another. You are also likely to be a bit more budget conscious than when you were enjoying the honeymoon phase. In this case, think of an activity that you both enjoy like dancing or go-karting. It can literally be anything as long as you both enjoy it! If you prefer a night in, why not make a romantic fondue? Prepare all of your tasty foods and prepare to cook and chat the night away. As for gifts, an impressive bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers are a must and you can pair them with things like luxury chocolates, jewellery, or even a pamper hamper full of bath and body products.

For married couples:

By now you have taken your relationship to the next level and you most likely share everything – including financial responsibilities. This means that you are more budget conscious than ever and you probably know what your partner loves and hates. So, choose the perfect bouquet of flowers and, remember, they don’t have to be roses! If your spouse prefers daisies, then so be it! A thoughtful gift is a romantic gift! You can take your partner shopping, enjoy a relaxing spa day together, or a cozy night in. Whatever works for you!

For couples with kids:

If you have chilren, Valentine’s Day might seem like it’s no longer possible. There are still a few ways of enjoying this romantic day. Firstly, if you can find a sitter, you can still enjoy a romantic dinner while the grand parents spoil the kids. If this is not an option, you could take the kids out with you for a family dinner or enjoy dinner at home. Set the table and enjoy regular lighting with the kids. Once you put them to bed, you can turn down the lights, light a candle or two and enjoy some wine or another beverage as a night cap. Sure, you might not have been alone the entire evening but the later hours are all yours! Again, a romantic flower arrangement and a thoughtful gift are a sure way to set the mood.