Unconventional wedding flower arrangements

There are some popular traditions that we like to follow when it comes to important occasions like weddings. That said, many people are moving away from tradition in search of something a bit more unique. Think of it as a way of expressing individuality. If you want your wedding to be a truly memorable and unique experience, here are some ideas.


When it comes to colour, there are some rules that you might want to break. Many people think that they have to select a single colour for their colour scheme. In other words, if you choose the colour red, then your wedding will consist of red and white décor. The bride usually wears white and her bridal party will wear red. The flower arrangements will consist of red and white blooms. The types of flowers will depend on the season and personal preferences, of course. So, instead of choosing one colour, you can select several colours or no colours at all and simply mix everything up like a wild flower bouquet. If you enjoy the elegance of black, you can even include black or black painted flowers for a luxurious black and white affair.


The usual styles we see at weddings include a bridal bouquets, small bouquets for her bridal party, and buttonholes for the groom and his party. If you want to do something different, the bridesmaids can hold single stems instead of an entire bouquet. The bride can add unconventional extras to her bouquet such as pearls or a monogrammed accessory. As for the centrepieces, you can opt for single stem displays, floating flower displays, and other ornaments to create a tablescape rather than just a centrepiece.

Remember, it might seem like a great idea to fall in line with the latest trends, it can make your wedding photos seem awfully cliché in a few years. Instead, think about flowers that you know you will still love in years to come.