Tulips for your spring bouquet

After the long winter, spring is very much a welcomed change. There are plenty of new, fresh flowers from which to choose and they are all available in various colours too. One of the most popular spring flowers are tulips. Find out more about these gorgeous blooms below.

Interesting facts about tulips

It is believed that tulips are one of the first flowers to be cultivated. Tulips have become synonymous with the Ottoman Empire That said, it is actually thanks to Holland that we have the booming tulip industry we know today. The country is famous for its large fields filled with bright and colourful tulips. From April to September, Holland hosts a number of wonderful flower parades that show off these impressive blooms. They even have a tulip museum that details the history of this beautiful flower.

Various types

There are more than 3,000 registered varieties of tulips. Of all of these varieties, there are three main classifications. The early flowering tulips bloom as early as March while the late blooming tulips produce flowers throughout May. Then there are varieties that bloom somewhere in between.

Tulip cultivation

Tulips are quite easy to grow provided you offer them the appropriate conditions to suit their needs. Since there are so many different colours, you can add some wonderful bright highlights to various parts of your garden. It is important to plant them at least 15cm apart in order to allow enough room for them to grow.

Tulips in spring flower arrangements

Since tulips are known to bloom in spring, they make a fitting addition to colourful spring bouquets. Tulips look superb on their own and they also look lovely when paired with other spring flowers like lilies, delphinium, roses, carnations and hyacinths.

Important tips to remember

When displaying tulips, you should remember that these flowers need sturdy containers that will keep them upright. Tall vases are ideal while single flowers with short stems can be displayed in shorter, smaller stems and they make lovely centrepieces.

Tulips are not only excellent for your garden and home, but they also make lovely gifts. A bouquet of mixed tulips is suitable for all occasions and recipients.