Romantic flowers for your summer love

Want to spoil your spouse, partner or someone special with romantic flowers this season? If you’re not sure what types of romantic summer blooms are best to send, you’ll find a great list of beautiful options below.


Roses are by far one of the most popular romantic flowers. They are in bloom during this time of year and there are so many different types of roses to choose from. You can find them in almost any colour and even bicolour varieties. Red roses are usually sent when you want to express deep and passionate love. You can also send other colours like pink if the recipient has a particular favourite colour.



Orchids are loved for their exotic beauty and elegance. While they can be used in cut flower arrangements, these flowers are often given as potted plants. That’s because they’re such a beautiful addition to any home that no one wants to see them die after just a couple of weeks. We all want to see them blossom again and again.



Tulips are great romantic flowers to send in the summer, and just like red roses, red tulips are also a symbol of passionate love. They typically have a shorter vase life, but ordering them in bud form will ensure your recipient gets the most out of these romantic summer flowers.



Loved for their incredible scent, gardenias produce some of the most striking white blooms. They represent purity and an old fashioned love. If you can find these flowers or even a plant to add to your home, it will make a lovely bouquet of romantic flowers.

Some of the most romantic flowers you can send are ones that come from the heart. If your loved one has a particular favourite type of flower, you can always look for these flowers online. Even if you don’t find a bouquet that is strictly composed of these flowers, you can find a bouquet that at least includes them. This will show that you pay attention to the details and really care.