Traditions associated with roses

Roses are not only the easiest to recognise of all fresh flowers. The rose is known to for its beauty, sweet scent, and the endearing messages that it conveys. Roses are also associated with a number of occasions and traditions. It’s the colour as well as the number of stems that dictate the purpose of the bouquet.


One dozen roses is easily associated with a message of love. Red roses, in particular, are sent as a sign of deep and passionate affections. This meaning is what makes 12 roses a popular, almost traditional, gift for Valentine’s Day. Double the number of stems to two dozen and this will send a message of “I belong to you”. This is an even stronger declaration of love and devotion. Again, red is the colour of choice for such a bouquet.


Long stemmed roses are most desirable. There’s nothing more beautiful than these bold flowers lightly seated upon a perfectly strong, yet delicate-looking stem. One long stemmed rose sends a message of love or even thanks. Again, colour will help you better define the meaning you convey. Red roses are associated with love while yellow roses are traditionally presented as a sign of friendship.


Sweetheart roses, or petite roses, are smaller versions of the larger beauties. They might be smaller but they are just as perfect in design. They are perfect for showing your sweetheart just how much you care. Roses can be sent for anniversaries, birthdays, and even as part of a bouquet of sympathy flowers. They offer a great comfort to anyone lucky enough to receive them.


Roses are often paired with chocolates as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. They can even be sent with a bottle of bubbly or another fine gift. These are all traditionally romantic gift combos that will never go out of style!