Top 5- Big no no’s for looking after your Flowers

With the internet filled with contradictory tips on how to look after your flowers and get the most out of them, it’s easy to get confused and  you could end up shortening the life span of your flowers or even worse killing them. So we will keep it simple for you, follow this list of things you shouldn’t really do with your flowers and you should have no problems and your flowers will reach its life expectancy. Do not…

1.  Penetrate the stems with any form of sharp object, this effectively bleeds the flowers and stops its drinking supply, also germs will enter and cause the plant to decay. And believe it or not, as flowers are living things, it’s a very traumatic experience for them and they will die much quicker.

2.  Place your flowers in close proximity to fruit, there are gasses that flow from the fruits which will shorten the life of the flowers. Also, just as you would in the garden, remove any dead leaves as or petals as these will contaminate the rest of the flowers causing them to die very quickly.

3.  Leave your flowers near a windy area. This will cool the flowers, and in the sun this will harvest germs. If your house is very warm then we wouldn’t recommend you placing them too close to a radiator.

4.   Put your flowers in a room where there are heavy smokers. Even flowers suffer from the chemicals contained in nicotine. The nicotine stains the petals and causes them to decay and the flowers then develop a cancer that will kill them quickly.

5.  Put too much plant food in the water. The sachet that you will receive with your flowers is sufficient to feed it during its life span. Don’t be tempted to overdo by adding too many other lotions and potions as this will be toxic and do more bad than it will good.


So by simply avoiding doing the above, your flowers will be very happy and so will you. Good luck