Why are Carnations suitable for Mother’s Day?

Carnations are popular Mother’s Day flowers in several countries around the world. While some like to send less traditional gifts, many people enjoy the idea of sending something familiar each year. If you aren’t sure about the best flowers to send for Mother’s Day, here are some interesting facts about carnations and why they are one of the most popular flowers for this occasion.

The first main reason that attracts people to the idea of sending carnations for Mother’s Day is because they are traditionally associated with this occasion. A number of years ago, Anna Jarvis started the trend of wearing a pink carnation to honour your mother or a white one if she had already passed away. You could wear a carnation on Mother’s Day if you like. Pin the flower to your clothing or slide the stem behind your ear. Of course, you should also pamper mum and send her a bunch of pink carnations. If your mother has already passed away, you can still order white carnations and wear one for the day. Place the rest of the bouquet on her grave or at the site where you scattered her ashes if she was cremated.

Price also makes carnations extremely popular. They are one of the cheapest flowers no matter where you are in the world and regardless of the season. The price is actually quite amazing since they are also one of the longest lasting cut flowers. This means that you will get wonderful value for money. Cut roses tend to last for up to 12 days whereas carnations can last for 2 full weeks! When you give mum flowers, you want them to last as long as possible and not perish in a matter of days. That said, proper care is needed in order to prolong the life of any cut flower.

Cut carnations are extremely easy to care for and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.  Simply provide them with fresh water, floral food and trim their stems every so often.  Change the water regularly and keep your flowers out of the sun and away from heaters, air conditioners and wind.

Carnations are some of the cheapest flowers available, they last longer than most other cut flowers and they are available all over the world. They are easy to care for and they are traditionally associated with Mother’s Day. With all of this in mind, why not send carnations for Mother’s Day this year? If you want to spice up your carnation bouquet, you can add some roses and perhaps a few stargazer lilies too.