Top 10 – Lovely But Lethal

Its well-known that all plants contain a certain level of chemicals which help the plants defence mechanism. These are never usually harmful to us and are usually in place to protect itself against pesty insects. However, there are a small number of plants that contain enough potent toxins to send an elephant to its grave.

  1. Castor Bean- A familiar plant with unfamiliar consequences. The castor bean plant extracts are commonly used for family medicinal purposes, such as castor oil. But unknown to many, the ricin in the oil is the deadliest poison known to man. The castor oil that you can buy at your local boots has this  ricin removed,  thank god! So rest assure its still safe, but a drop of this resin would be enough to turn your insides to jelly! Yuk!

2. Bushmans Poison- A plant that is commonly mistaken for ivy, it is this extract that local tribe people dip their weapons in to ensure their kill. Usually the hunter will cleanse his arrow with it, only a singly wipe of this poison is enough to take a monkey down from a tree within seconds due to its quick invasion of the spinal fluids.

3. Dieffenbachia AKA Dumb Ear – One single seed of this deadly disaster plant alone will not kill the average adult, however the rapid swelling of the tongue and throat will almost certainly cause the unfortunate victim a painful depature.

4. Manchineel Tree- This innocent looking tree bears no gifts for its visitor. Marked with warning sign surrounding the tree, a single touch of this tree will leave permanent burn marks. Many have even lost their eye site just by being too close.

5. Actaea Pachypoda AKA Doll’s Eyes – These cute little berries, originally sewn to dolls to use as eyes, as enough potent chemicals to induce the average healthy adult into a cardiac arrest. Be careful of your ever tempted to buy an old Africal doll, as the chances are, the eyes are lethal.

6. Whyte Byrony AKA Devil’s Kiss – Another innocent looking plant, don’t be fooled, if you ever inhale the pollen from this addition to nature’s evil, be sure to be next to a toilet for the next 6 months. The pollen causes you to lose control of your….achemm… usualy bodily functions. Effects have been said to last up to a year.

7. Windflower- Not the usually suspect, however if handled this plant will give you serious rashes we could lead to scarring. Stay away!

8. Apples- No can it be? Yes apple seeds are quite poisonous, however you don’t need to worry, our stomachs are not large enough for us to eat the amount of apple seeds to induce death. Thank god, Im looking forward to a Granny Smith at Lunch!

9. Indian Pea- In small doses this pea is used for a vaierty of medicinal purposes. However, if too much is used, it can completlely paralise the bottom part of your body!

10. The Kidney Bean- Not that I have been much of a fan, but these bean, when concentrated contain lectin which is largely potent effecting the usual body functions. Not to worry, onc boiled this is killed off and you can eat as much as you like, that is IF you like.