Tips to save money on wedding flowers

The last thing anyone wants is to make compromises when it comes to their wedding flowers and other wedding plans. This is because compromising often means that we have to sacrifice what we really want and our big day will simply not be the same. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your style for the sake of your budget. Here are some great money-saving tips.

Seasonal blooms

When flowers are in season, they are significantly more affordable than blooms that are imported or cultivated in greenhouses. If you are not sure about the best seasonal wedding flowers for your big day, ask your florist for some expert advice.

Realistic budget

When setting your budget, it is important to always be realistic. It’s not only about the types of flowers that you choose. You also need to consider colours, the sizes of your arrangements and the styles you would like. The larger and more complex your bouquets are, the more they will cost.

Avoid peaks

If you want to avoid an expensive time of year, it would be February. If you try shopping for wedding flowers in the month of February, you will find that they will be far more expensive and you will have limited options. This is largely due to the season itself and the fact that Valentine’s Day is also during this month.

Cheap ways to spruce it up

Your wedding flowers do not need to consist of flowers alone. You can keep the price of each bouquet down by including a fair amount of foliage and even herbs. Foliage is excellent for adding texture as well as natural colour.

Choose cheap flowers

Not all flowers have the same price per stem. If you are looking for cheap wedding flowers, you should consider blooms like chrysanthemums, carnations and baby’s breath. This is not to say that you cannot include roses and lilies but you want to limit your stem count with more expensive blooms.

Making a statement

As briefly mentioned in the point above, you can use your cheap flowers as much as possible while going easy on the more expensive wedding flowers. Your florist can create an amazing floral display by simply selecting a few really exotic or opulent blooms and pairing them with cheaper mass and filler flowers.

Repurpose and reuse

Instead of decorating your ceremony and your reception with different wedding flowers. You can ask some handy helpers to transport bouquets from the ceremony to the reception. Reuse flowers from the ceremony to decorate places like your dessert table, restrooms, guest book table and so on. You can even have vases set up for your bridesmaids so that they can keep their bouquets fresh and they would double as table décor.

Alternatives to flowers

Sometimes, the most affordable wedding flowers are not flowers at all. Consider creating tablescapes that include things like fruit, books and lanterns. This helps you save money and create a fabulous theme for your big day.

With all of these tips and ideas in mind, sticking to your wedding flowers budget will be so much easier. Not to mention the fact that you will be so much more relaxed about your big day and the life you are about to begin with your partner.