Tips for planning a surprise party

Surprise parties are often tricky to plan. Particularly if you have never planned one before. It’s not only about keeping the secret, but also making sure that everything goes according to plan. The most important tip of all, before you get into all the details, is to make sure that you ask at least one person for help. Once you have your party team ready, here’s what you need to do.

Online flower delivery

Instead of revealing your secret by spending time shopping for flowers, visit your favourite online florist and select your favourite floral d├ęcor. When ordering flowers online, you will be able to shop according to your preferences as well as your budget. Make sure that you know how many bouquets you need and whether or not you will need vases for each of them. When you finalise your order, make sure that you schedule the flower delivery for that day or the day before (depending on the time of the planned party). You might need to have the flowers sent to somebody else if you are surprising your spouse or partner.

Choose the perfect occasion

When you plan a surprise party, you might want to avoid milestone birthdays. So, for example, instead of a surprise 50th, you could save the surprise for their 51st. Your surpise will come when they really least expect it! You might also want to avoid planning the party on the day. Perhaps a day or two before the occasion will have a greater effect.

Don’t use a shared account

When making any purchases (like fresh flowers, food, or booking the venue), you should make sure that you use an account that your partner does not use. Avoid shared bank accounts or your partnr might spot the charges and they will be on to your plans!

Proper planning

There’s no substitute for planning in advance. Not only does this allow you to save enough money but you can also give your suppliers enough time to plan on their end. For example, if you are booking a catering service, they will need to know how many people they are feeding and the kind of menu to prepare. Your florist will also need to stock up on the right flowers for your arrangements.

Distract the guest of honour

On the day, you will need extra time to plan and get everything in place. You will need to get somebody to keep the guest of honour busy during this time. If it is a working day, you might be able to convince their boss to give them a last minute urgent project. You could even ask a friend or relative to step in and ask for their help with something. The distraction you choose needs to be realistic and believable so that they don’t become suspicious.

Finally, don’t forget to have your guests arrive early. Even if you are only planning on the guest of honour arriving later, you want to give everyone more than enough time to arrive before the celebrations begin.