Tips for giving any bouquet the perfect finish

When shopping around for a beautiful bouquet, there’s a lot more to it than fresh flowers. While the beautiful collection of blooms and lush foliage might look perfect, it all comes together so much better with the right finishing touches. Even if you don’t spend a fortune but you want to impress the recipient, there are some great ways of making any bouquet look like a million bucks.


Gift wrap

If you take a look at the luxury flowers from your favourite online florist, you will notice that they are perfectly arranged and the gift wrapping echoes this perfection. The colour of the wrapping paper used should symbolise quality. As should the type of paper you use. Don’t just go for the cheapest wrapper you can find. If you can’t find wrapping paper to compliment the colour scheme, you can always choose a completely different colour like an elegant black, silver, or even gold. Dark colour wrapping paper helps the colours of the flowers really stand out.


Beads and wire

Beads can add just the right amount of sparkle to any fresh flower bouquet. They can be added to an arrangement in many ways. Larger gems can be used as vase fillers while smaller beads can be threaded onto some wire and added to the bouquet. If you want to conceal the wire, you can wrap some green floral tape around it. You can even use stick on beads and apply them to the flowers and/or the outside of the vase. Just make sure that they are small and light enough so that they don’t weigh the flowers down.


Feathers and other accessories

Ostrich feathers are great for adding texture and filling up empty spaces. They can be added in their natural state or you can dye them just about any colour you like to match your bouquet. If you have black feathers but they look more grey than black, you can dye them black for that perfect, yet natural, result. While black might not be your first choice in a floral arrangement, they can help pink or red flowers really “pop”.



The container is another important choice that you will need to make. The container is not just for presenting your bouquet but also for display purposes. The style of the vase will play as much of a role as the colour. When in doubt, a plain, clear glass vase is the safest option. The size and shape of the vase also needs to suit the style and height of the arrangement. The longer the stems, the taller the vase needs to be.