Tips for decorating your home with autumn flowers

When autumn arrives, you will notice a drop in temperatures as well as shorter days and longer nights. The sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright either. Even when you open your blinds or curtains, your home takes on a somewhat dimmer appearance during the cooler months of the year. All the more reason to brighten things up with autumn flower arrangements! Autumn flowers can be displayed in every part of your room. You need only use a bit of imagination and you can give it a fresh new look!


Bedside tables are often reserved for things like lamps, your favourite book, perhaps an alarm clock, and your phone. You may also like to leave space for your cup of coffee or tea. For this reason, you might not like the idea of a fresh flower arrangement in such a space where accidents can easily occur. If you have a dressing table or chest of drawers, you can use one of these spaces to display your colourful bouquet instead. Always make sure that the vase and bouquet you choose is the right size for your room. You don’t want it to take up too much space.

Living room

Your living room is where you can really express yourself with flowers. This is the room where you can display some of your larger floral works of art without worrying about clutter. If you are not using your fireplace, you can use the mantelpiece to display a grand bouquet. Alternatively, you could place your arrangement on your coffee table or a side table.


Your kitchen serves some of the most practical purposes in your home. Not only do you prepare food and drinks in this part of your home, but you also often use it as an entertainment area. When decorating your kitchen, you should make sure that your bouquet is not taking up any food prep space. If you have an island, this is where your flowers should be displayed. Alternatively, you can place small bouquets along your worktops just as long as they are not in direct sunlight or close to anything that gives off excessive heat like your toaster, microwave, or oven.

Dining room

For some, the dining room and kitchen are one and the same. For others, the dining table is located in the living room. Whether your dining room is separate or you dine at a table in your living room, a colourful centrepiece is always a plus. Order your flowers based on the size of the table and feel free to add candles too, if you like.


The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the home yet it receives very little design attention. By adding a small, modest bouquet of fresh flowers to this room, you will make it that much more welcoming. It will also show your guests that you pay attention to this part of your home which makes them feel that much more comfortable. Again, like your bedrooms, you should take into account the size of the room when choosing your arrangement. You want your flowers to be a decorative piece, not an obstacle that you and your guests will need to maneuver around.

Hallways and small spaces

If you have any part of your home that is too small to even hold a table, you can still display flowers in the form of a hanging arrangement, wall arrangement, or even a wreath. There are so many options waiting to be explored!