Things you might not know about sunflowers

Of all the flowers at your local florist, sunflowers are arguably one of the most impressive. Bright, bold and beautiful, they are one of the most versatile types of flowers. Here are a few interesting flower facts that you may not already know about these gorgeous blooms.


The botanical name for sunflowers is Helianthus. This name comes from the Greek words for sun and flower. Which is why the common name makes such great sense!

They don’t follow the sun

Many people think that sunflowers track the arc of the sun. While this is true during the bud phase of the flower, it is no longer the case once the flower starts to open up.

The tallest ever recorded

Hans-Peter Schiffer grew the tallest sunflower in August 2014. It reached an impressive height of 30 feet and 1 inch.

Anniversary flower

If you are looking for the perfect traditional gift for your third wedding anniversary, sunflowers are it! This bloom is associated with a strong foundation and the the vibrant petals represent passion.


Like all other types of flowers, sunflowers are associated with various meanings including strength and positivity. In China they are believe to represent vitality, good fortune, happiness and intelligence.

So many seeds

In one flower you can find up to 2000 seeds! These seeds are grown and harvested for use in various foods and food products including sunflower oil. Roasted sunflowers are a particularly popular snack too.


While some might think that sunflowers are a single type of bloom, there are in fact 70 different species. Theya re available in various shades including bright yellow, orange, brown, red and copper. Some are even bi-coloured. They can also vary in size depending on the species.

So, there you have it! A few fascinating flower facts that you may not have known about sunflowers. The next time you use them to decorate your home or send them as a gift, you will be that much wiser about all the wonders of this amazing bloom.