Things you may not know about geraniums

Geraniums are also known as crane’s bill and there are over 400 species of this genus of plants. They are available around the world but native to South Africa. They vary in terms of height and can grow from 6 inches to 4 feet tall. These popular garden plants are also great potted plants and available in various colours and scents. Some fragrances that you may notice when you keep this plant include lemon, peppermint, orange, rose, and even nutmeg!

These plants are really easy to grow and they are known for their hardy nature. They can be used in so many ways including as potted plants, hanging plants, bedding plants, and so much more! It’s important to keep the soil relatively dry since these plants are prone to root rot. They also need to be deadheaded from time to time in order to encourage the plant to produce more flowers.

The name “crane’s bill” refers to the appearance of the seed capsule and not the flower itself. The seed capsule looks like the bill of a crane and, when ready, it will burst open and spread its seeds. Geranium essential oil is great as a tonic, deodorant, and as a diuretic. It can also be used to reduce scars and other skin spots. This oil is also often used to make artificial rose oil found in perfumes.

There are some types of geraniums that smell like citronella. This scent actually repels mosquitoes which is why it is used in many mosquito repelling products. It’s a natural approach that doesn’t harm your skin or the environment.

The leaves from this plant can also be used to make tea. The rose-scented leaves can even be used to flavour various food items like jellies, cakes, and even vinegar! Needless to say, this plant is perfectly safe so you don’t need to worry about keeping it on displaying in your home. This is a particularly important fact to remember when you are shopping for a houseplant for somebody special.