The Perfect Anniversary Flowers

Whether you are celebrating your first year or marriage or the greater milestones, wedding anniversaries give you the opportunity to pamper your spouse. Every anniversary is unique and you may already be aware of the various traditional or modern gifts associated with each year. What you might not know is that each year is also associated with a flower. These wedding anniversary flowers are the perfect anniversary gift guide!

1st Wedding Anniversary – Carnations

The flower of choice for the first year of marriage is the carnation. Carnations are long-lasting flowers with an abundantly beautiful texture. Their perfectly ruffled petals give these blooms a unique appearance and they are perfect for celebrating your first year of marriage.

2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cosmos

Cosmos flowers are associated with the second year of marriage. These flowering plants are often used to brighten up gardens but they can be added to certain bouquets too. If you are not able to find any at your local florist due to seasonal availability, you can always rely on the traditional colour associated with this year of marriage – red. This means that you can look for just about any red bouquet. Red roses are, of course, the most romantic of all but there are also mixed arrangements and other options that you can choose if you prefer.

3rd Wedding Anniversary – Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright, beautiful and they make quite the statement. They are associated with the third anniversary but this should not make you feel limited. If sunflowers are not available, you can always choose blooms of similar appearance and size. Ask your florist about yellow sunflower-like blooms and any other suggestions they might have.

4th Wedding Anniversary – Geraniums

Geraniums are gorgeous blooms available in various colours and they are mostly enjoyed as garden or potted plants. If, for whatever reason, geraniums are not available or in season, you can opt for the traditional colour instead. Blue and green are the colours associated with this anniversary. You can count on foliage to take care of the green aspect while blue flowers make for a truly spectacular floral gift for your fourth anniversary.

5th Wedding Anniversary – Daisies

Daisies are gorgeous blooms but many people associate them with one type of flower alone. Daisies are not just small flowers often used to decorate gardens or as filler flowers in bouquets. Gerbera daisies and germinis are both examples of flowers that are part of the same family. Each of which is available in several colours so you really can shop according to the preferences of your spouse. Send a bouquet of daisies to celebrate five years of marriage and see your spouse’s face light up!

10th Wedding Anniversary – Daffodils

Ten years of marriage is quite the milestone and certainly worth celebrating. The mark the occasion, the traditional floral gift is a bouquet of daffodils. These blooms are relatively seasonal so, if they are not available, you also have the option of sending a blue and/or silver bouquet. While blue flower arrangements are fairly easy to find, silver is a bit more tricky. This is because there are no naturally silver flowers. However, if you want to add that sparkling touch, you can always rely on silver accessories.

15th Wedding Anniversary – Roses

Roses are one of the most popular of all florist flowers. They are of the most romantic, long-lasting and they have one of the sweetest scents. When celebrating fifteen years together, it’s time to splash out a little and spoil your spouse with some luxurious roses. Red roses are especially romantic but if your spouse has another favourite colour, you can choose this colour instead.

20th Wedding Anniversary – Aster

The aster is associated with twenty years of marriage and this bloom is available in various colours. Of course, it is often used as a filler flower rather than a focal bloom and, if not in season, you can opt for the traditional anniversary colours instead. The colours associated with this anniversary are emerald green and white. Your foliage should take care of the green aspect while white blooms are available in abundance. No matter the season, you should not have any trouble finding a luxurious bouquet of white flowers.

25th Wedding Anniversary – Irises

The stunning iris is the flower for celebrating twenty-five years of marriage. For this year, a truly sophisticated flower arrangement will always do the trick. Remember, the bouquet does not need to consist solely of iris flowers. These blooms look better when they are added as accents to a luxurious bouquet.

30th Wedding Anniversary – Lilies

Lovely lilies are the flower of choice for 30 years of marriage. Lilies are gorgeous blooms with an amazing scent that will fill the room. They are available in various bright and beautiful colours too. You can opt for a bouquet of lilies on their own or, if you really want to spice things up, you can send a rose and lily flower arrangement to impress your spouse.

40th Wedding Anniversary – Gladiolas

Forty years of marriage really is a grand and glorious accomplishment. Which is why it should come as no surprise that gladioli are associated with this anniversary. Tall and bright with sturdy stems, these flowers truly represent the state of your marriage at this point. If, however, they are not in season, your best alternative is a ruby red flower arrangement. You can even consider an even more luxurious gift that includes chocolates, a bottle of bubbly or something similar.

50th Wedding Anniversary – Yellow Roses or Violets

The fiftieth year of marriage is truly special which makes it the only one that is associated with two flowers. Half a century after your wedding and you are still going strong. Now that is worth remembering and a wonderful example for all the younger couples out there. The two flowers associated with this anniversary are yellow roses and violets. Both beauties in their own right. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that your spouse will love such a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

These are the top choices for some of the most important wedding anniversaries that you will share with your spouse. Remember, just because the main milestones are noted here does not mean that you should skip celebrating every year in between. Each year with your loving and devoted partner is always worth remembering with the perfect wedding anniversary flowers.