The best plants for windowsills

One thing that many people struggle with is choosing the right plants for their home. Especially when space becomes an issue. Windowsills are small spaces that are rarely used for much at all but they have amazing decorating potential. If you are looking for the perfect plants for windowsills, here are some ideas.


Orchids are tall, fairly slender and they add amazing colour to the room. If you have a windowsill in your home that receives minimal to no direct sunlight, this will be perfect for your orchids. Remember, during the winter months, you do need to take care and prevent the plant from touching the cold window.

Cacti and succulent plants for windowsills

If the window receives a lot of sun, you need plants that love the heat. Cacti and most succulents will do very well in sunny environments. These plants don’t even require all that much water or frequent care which makes them an excellent choice if you are very busy.


Many herbs enjoy sunny spots and basil is one of them. They thrive in south-facing windows and you will notice the plant grow to double or triple its original size in no time. The scent of basil is amazing and it is a delicious addition to many meals.


Bay plants are also perfect for indoors and they have a lovely fragrance. They will require a larger pot than many other types of plants. They also enjoy an area that’s not too crowded so that there is plenty of ventilation. Bay leaves can also be used in various foods and they fill the air with a lovely scent.


Lush and green, chives will not only look great in your windowsill, but they are also practical. You can grow them in just about any container and they are really hardy too. You don’t need a lot of space for this plant as it reaches about 30cm in height once fully matured. Chives can be added to several meals and salads. Thinly sliced, chives make an excellent garnish for dishes like your favourite potato salad.


If you are a pasta or pizza lover, then oregano is a must for your home. Instead of using the dried product, try fresh oregano and taste the difference. This plant will thrive in a south-facing windowsill that gets fairly warm. Make sure that you check on it regularly to make sure it’s getting enough sun and water.

These are just some of the ideal plants for windowsills from which to choose. Herbs are particularly popular because they are beautiful and practical. Especially if you find yourself using a particular herb on a regular basis.