Save on Valentine’s Day flowers without looking cheap

Regardless of how much you earn every month, saving money every way you can is always important.  We all enjoy spoiling the loved ones in our lives which often means that we overspend just so that we don’t seem “cheap”.  For couples and florists, Valentine’s Day is a busy one!  The most popular gift for this romantic occasion is, without a doubt, fresh flowers.  Of course, today we have even more options like luxury chocolates, jewellery, cute stuffed animals and more!  With all of the pressure of spoiling your Valentine on this day of love, it’s a comfort to know that there are a number of ways in which you can save money without looking like you’ve skimped.  While you can’t cut the cost of the restaurant bill, you can save in other ways and just keep reading to learn how!

The first important point to remember is to plan ahead.  Never leave gift shopping or planning to the last minute.  If you want the best seat in the restaurant, book ahead of time!  The same goes for gifts and flowers.  If you want to play things seriously smart, you can place your order for fresh Valentine’s Day flowers online and schedule them to be delivered to you at home or work the day before or even on the day (if possible).  By ordering ahead and planning your romantic evening, you will be far more relaxed.

Ordering ahead of time means that you also have time to shop around and compare prices as well as products.  Don’t simply buy from the first florist that looks good.  Take the time to browse but save all the links to the different bouquets you prefer for easy reference.  If you do decide to visit physical flower shops, make sure that you are prepared with pen and paper in hand and make notes of everything!  You should visit at least three different florists – online or otherwise.  Once you have a comprehensive list of options, you can narrow your choices down to main finalists and then make your final decision.

When choosing your flowers or Valentine’s Day, you are guaranteed to encounter the usual cliché type arrangements like a dozen red roses.  As beautiful and romantic as they may be, they can quite easily break the bank and destroy a tight budget.  If you can afford them, then by all means, place your order!  If not, don’t despair!  You do have many other romantic options.  Consider choosing red tulips or red carnations instead.  If they are still too expensive, you could opt for another colour like pink that still symbolises a form of romantic love.  Look for a bouquet of your Valentine’s favourites or at least a bouquet in their favourite colour.  If they prefer carnations to roses, you’re in luck and if they prefer white flowers to any other, then you should be able to find some white bouquets at a real steal!  If you’re really at a loss in terms of their favourites, you can play it safe by selecting a mixed bouquet.

If you find that the vase pushes the price up too much, skip it and buy one from your local grocery store.  Remember that this will mean that you will need to arrange the flowers in the vase yourself!  Alternatively, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your Valentine a handheld bouquet.  So many of us have at least one neutral vase somewhere tucked away.  So, instead of paying for a vase, include chocolates instead!