Thank you flowers before school holidays

The past few weeks have been trying for parents, students and teachers alike. Hosting classes online is far more challenging than many people initially thought. While the classroom environment has its hurdles, homeschooling is by no means a walk in the park. This is all the more reason to show some support for educators by sending thank you flowers to mark the end of this school year.


These flowers are impressive as cut stems as well as plants. When they bloom, the clusters of tiny flowers at the end of a sturdy stem make them quite a sight to behold. They also send a message of ‘thank you for understanding’. Teachers have been notably understanding during this time given the technological challenges that go hand in hand with online courses. When you want to send thank you flowers, consider including these beautiful blooms.


For younger children in particular, their teacher is often considered a mother-like figure or a good friend. Friendship is important between teachers and their students. So, if you want to send thank you flowers that also carry a message of friendship, you should opt for mums. Available in various colours, you can even cater to their preferences by choosing their favourite colour.


Like chrysanthemums, irises are great thank you flowers when it comes to friendship. For the most part, however, these blooms are not displayed all on their own in a bouquet. They are often paired with other blooms such as roses. Purple irises arranged with yellow roses make an excellent pair.


The rose is associated with various forms of affection. From romance to friendship, you can be sure that these thank you flowers will impress any lucky recipient. Of course, you do not want to send a romantic message, you may want to avoid a bouquet that consists only of red roses. Yellow roses, pink roses or even a mixed bouquet will always be a safe bet for thank you flowers.

These are just a few of the best ideas for thank you flowers that you can send to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate all of their effort. Remember to include a special message before you complete your flower order. You can even choose to include something extra such as a box of luxury chocolates if you like.