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Famous Gardens to Visit in May to See Stunning Flower Displays

As May unfolds its treasures and nature bursts into bloom, gardens around the world come alive with a riot of colours, fragrances, and textures, offering visitors a feast for the senses and a glimpse into the beauty of the natural world. From historic estates and botanical gardens to public parks and private estates, there are […]

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May Blooms: Their Role in Traditional Medicine Practices

As May dawns and nature awakens with a burst of blossoms, the botanical world offers a treasure trove of medicinal plants that have been revered for centuries in traditional medicine practices. From ancient herbal remedies to time-honoured folk traditions, May blooms play a significant role in healing and wellness across cultures and civilizations. Let’s delve […]

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The Cultural Significance of May Bouquets in Different Regions

As May unfurls its blossoms and nature bursts into bloom, the tradition of crafting May bouquets takes centre stage in many cultures around the world. These floral arrangements, often composed of seasonal blooms and symbolic foliage, hold deep cultural significance and are woven into the fabric of various traditions and celebrations. From ancient customs to […]

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Essential Gardening Advice for the End of Spring

As spring transitions into summer, gardeners everywhere are busy tending to their beloved plants, preparing for the warmer months ahead. The end of spring is a crucial time in the gardening calendar, as it marks the transition from cool, temperate weather to the heat and humidity of summer. To ensure your garden thrives throughout the […]

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Endangered May Flower Species: Conservation Efforts Needed

As May unfolds its blossoms and nature awakens from its winter slumber, it’s a time of celebration and renewal. However, amidst the vibrant colours and fragrant scents of spring, many May flower species face the threat of extinction, putting at risk the biodiversity and ecological balance of our planet. From rare wildflowers to iconic blooms, […]

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Prepare your potted plants for winter

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to get your garden ready for the upcoming temperature drop. Proper preparation will ensure that your plants are protected during this cold period and they will flourish even more when spring arrives. The first thing to remember is that the rapid fluctuation of temperatures can […]

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NEWS: Flower thieves on the loose in Sussex areas- watch your roses!

Flowers that have been stolen from gardens across East Sussex are being sold at boot fairs according to local police. Sergeant Neale Adams, who is in charge of the investigation, says that several dozen hydrangea flowers have been cut from public and private gardens in the Hastings and Bexhill area over the past few weeks. […]

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Tips for giving any bouquet the perfect finish

When shopping around for a beautiful bouquet, there’s a lot more to it than fresh flowers. While the beautiful collection of blooms and lush foliage might look perfect, it all comes together so much better with the right finishing touches. Even if you don’t spend a fortune but you want to impress the recipient, there […]

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