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Planting different types of bulbs
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While many people associate bulbs with spring bloomers, this is not always the case. Yes, there are some that bloom in the spring but there are also varieties that bloom in the summer and even in autumn. Here are some tips to remember when planting for various seasons. Spring bloomers For bulbs that bloom in […]
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How to grow plants from bulbs
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How to grow plants from bulbs
Different types of plants grow from different types of seeds. Bulbs are unique in the sense that they are larger than regular seeds and they become dormant during the winter. The nutrients stored inside the bulb over the colder months allow the plant to grow and bloom once the weather warms up. If you want […]
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How To Care For Potted Daffodils
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Caring for potted plants can be a bit of a trick if you have not done the right research in advance.  By reading up and consulting with experts, you will be fully prepared to create the ideal environment and conditions for your new potted plant.  Daffodils are part of the genus Narcissus and they make […]