Summer flowers for your dinner party

Summer is always the most popular time for parties and social events. The weather is perfect for outdoor and casual dining. Regardless of the event or dress code for your summer dinner party, it won’t be the same without well-chosen fresh summer flowers. So, among the other arrangements you need to make, you should call or visit your local florist. For most of them, there isn’t much time to do it all, so instead of running around on your feet, use your computer instead and visit an online florist or two!

Research your blooms

No matter what type of florist you use, local or online, it’s always a good idea to do your research first. Check for yourself which flowers are in season and do some research to find out how strong or hard they are. For outdoor parties or those where children will be, you will need hardy blooms that hold up well in warm conditions. If it is an adults-only event and it will be welcomed by wind or sunlight, you will also need resilient summer flowers.

Casual décor

For a casual dinner, you can decorate your table with many different summer flowers. A friendly sunflower will make it look great and you won’t need to add anything else. A simple sunflower design is associated with the warmth and happiness of summer. They have strong stems so you don’t have to worry about them drying out and you can display them in pots or put them in floral foam if you like a sturdier design. Other flowers for social events include gerberas, hydrangeas or chrysanthemums. The most important thing is to choose as many bright colours as possible to lighten the mood.

Ideal colours and theme

You can mix colours together, but you have to stick to a single colour theme. For example, you can use all white summer flowers, but include roses, lilies and even carnations. You can also use bright colours but not too much right away. For example, yellow and purple go well together, so why not purple irises and yellow roses? For indoor activities, you can be bold enough to decorate orchids. In fact, an oriental style arrangement may be just what you need with orchids, cherry blossoms and bamboo to bring you good luck! It’s fresh, it’s fresh and it will be the topic of conversation during the evening. You can emphasize this theme by using bamboo place mats and continuing to look for a messy cherry table.

Choosing the right summer flowers for your dinner party will depend on the theme and your personal preferences. It’s also important to note that seasonal blooms will prove to be the most affordable so you should keep this in mind when shopping.