Picnic basket uses around the house

If you have received a gift that was arranged in a picnic basket and this basket is no longer suitable for use when you are out and about, don’t discard it just yet! Similarly, if you have multiple baskets and you don’t know what to do with all of them, here are some great ways of putting them to good use around your home.

Extra drawer space

If you have a table or any space with shelves that you would like to tidy up and minimize that cluttered look, you could insert a picnic basket into this space to hold various items. While you can still keep all of the same items in this shelf space, it will no longer be as visible which means that you will enjoy a neater look. Larger baskets that are placed on the floor can also have wheels fitted on them so that they are easy to slide in and out.

Add a shelf

If you have lightweight items that need to be stored, you can attach a picnic basket or several baskets to a free wall in one of your rooms and use them to hold various items. Again, make sure that the items you store are lightweight and remove the lid of the basket if it has one. Some examples include setting extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom for quick and easy access.

Craft box

For those who love arts and crafts but they struggle to keep everything in one place, a picnic basket really can come to your rescue! Simply pack your goodies inside, close the lid and you will have everything you need the next time you are feeling creative.

Toy box

If you have children, you will know just how difficult it can be to encourage them to pack away their toys. A picnic basket can serve well as a toy box. Once they are done playing, you can make a game out of tidying up until they get the hang of it and it becomes a routine. Baskets are easy to simply toss the toys inside, shut the lid and no more clutter all over the floor!

Display your books

Keep your books nearby so that you have a good choice when it comes time to read before bed. You can take your pick from your book shelf and, once you are done with them, you can swap them out with books that you have not yet read.

Store your fine crockery

If you have some special plates and bowls, you can keep them safe inside a picnic basket. Store the basket on a low shelf – preferably right at the bottom – and you will be able to access them quickly and easily when preparing for a special event. Remember, since baskets generally have holes for breathing, you might want to cover your plates with some type of fabric so that they don’t get dusty when not in use. Give them a quick wipe or rinse and you’re all set!

A home for plants

If your picnic basket is in really bad shape but you do not want to throw it away, you can use it to hold a potted plant or a selection of plants if you like. It’s a great idea if you want to hide those unsightly plastic pots and make it easy to move them when cleaning house.

These are just a few great ideas of what you can do with a picnic basket or two that you may not otherwise use. Remember, in some cases, your basket might need a little fixing up. You can do this by painting or varnishing them and repairing any holes with some ribbon if you like.