Summer flowers for the perfect engagement party

When the love of your life proposes, it is one of the most memorable moments of your life. It’s no wonder so many couples choose to host an engagement party to celebrate. Just like your wedding, it is important to ensure that every aspect of this event is properly planned. This includes the food, music and décor. Here are some excellent ideas for summer flowers that you can use to decorate this important event.

Simple yet elegant

It is important to make sure that you choose summer flowers that will create the right atmosphere. While you want it to elegant and beautiful, you also don’t want to go over the top since you want your wedding to be the most beautifully decorated of all. Yes, you should opt for elegance, but you should also ask your florist to keep the designs simple.

Consider the theme

In order to help you put everything together perfectly, you need to decide on a theme before choosing your summer flowers. Would you like to host a wine tasting evening? Perhaps you would prefer something casual like a BBQ with friends and family. The latter is, of course, will call for more casual flowers and décor. A more formal dinner can be decorated with designs like tablescapes that will keep things simple yet very classy.

Keep it simple

As mentioned above, it is important to keep your designs simple because you do not want them to be more impressive than your wedding décor. This means that you should choose flowers with simple beauty rather than overly elegant blooms. In other words, instead of choosing orchids, lilies or roses, you can decorate with flowers like gerbera daisies or carnations. You could even ask your florist for their suggestions.

Remember, if you are on a budget, it’s important to let your florist know. Seasonal summer flowers will be far more affordable since they are locally sourced. When flowers are cultivated in greenhouses or imported from other countries, this results in higher prices. You can usually find the best value for money by taking a look at flower deals and seasonal blooms at your online florist.