Summer flowers for your dinner party

Summer is the perfect time of year to host parties and invite friends and family over. During the colder months we are less inclined to go out but, when the mercury rises, we tend to have more energy and there’s plenty more social events on the calendar. If you are planning a summer dinner party, it’s important to serve the right food and beverages but it’s also good to remember to decorate your dining and entertainment areas.

Since you will most likely have plenty to do, you might find it particularly handy to shop for flowers online instead of rushing from flowers shop to flower shop. Online florists make shopping easy by providing all the details you need to make an informed decision. Pay attention to the prices, the description of each bouquet, and the photos of course. A vase might be included but, if not, you can add one to your order.

The types of flowers you choose will depend on the style of the event. For a casual dinner, you can choose something lke sunflowers or daisies. Bright colours are perfect for summer and you don’t need to order anything too elaborate. If the event is simple, keep your flowers simple too. If you have not chosen a particular colour scheme, you can have your florist make a mixed bouquet. This kind of bouquet can consist of various flowers or a single type of flower in different colours.

Formal summer dinner parties will require something a bit more elegant. Roses and lilies are both great options and you should select your flowers based on your colour scheme. Your flowers can either match the colour scheme or you can use them to create a colour contrast. For example, if you have a black and white event, you could use white roses in black vases. Alternatively, you could use red roses if you want them to stand out. Other bright flower combinations include yellow and purple. You can decorate your tables and chairs in purple or blue and add yellow flowers to your tables for the perfect contrast. Alternatively, if you want something simple yet elegant, ask your florist about potted orchids.