Flowers for a new neighbour

When somebody new moves into your neighbourhood, it’s up to all the locals to make the new arrivals feel welcome. At the same time, you will also be introducing yourself and satisfying your curiosity. Of course, since you don’t know anything about your new neighbours, you might not know what will make a great housewarming gift.

Flowers are an excellent choice for this occasion. They are flattering and welcoming without coming across as too presumptuous. When you send flowers to welcome somebody new, you should take account of the colours and your flower selection. As far as colours are concerned, you might want to avoid red due to it’s association with passion and love. You might also prefer not to send a plain white or white and green bouquet since these are often associated with funerals or sympathy flowers. They can also symbolise purity but, more often than not, the wrong message might just come across. A better option is to choose bright yellow flowers, like roses, to symbolise friendship. If you’re concerned about colour preferences then choose a mixed bouquet instead.

For those who are concerned about potential allergies, it’s good to stick with flowers that have minimal pollen or heavy pollen that doesn’t fill the air. If you want to send some colourful lilies, you could always ask your friendly florist to remove the pollen before you make the flower delivery.

Another option is to send a potted plant instead of fresh flowers. Florists stock all sorts of potted plants and they last so much longer than any cut bouquet. That said, when choosing a plant, you should take extra care when making your selection. You might not know if they have kids or pets so be sure to send a plant that is safe and non-toxic. It’s also wise to send a plant that will be low maintenance. You don’t know how busy they are or how much experience they have caring for plants so the best option is to choose some kind of cacti, succulent, or another plant that requires very little attention.