Starting your own dorm room garden

Whether you have been enjoying dorm life for a couple of years already or this is your first semester away from home, it’s important to make sure that you create the right environment. Your dorm is essentially your home away from home and where you will spend a fair amount of your time. While some might concentrate on flashy décor, many students now understand the benefits of adding a touch of nature.

One of the greatest advantages of welcoming plants into your dorm is the fact that you will enjoy improved air quality. Plants help reduce carbon dioxide levels and they release oxygen. So, not only are they removing a harmful gas, but they are also replacing it with a beneficial one.

The colour green is associated with relaxation and many people agree that they feel less stressed. This is one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy studying, working, and conducting research outdoors. Of course, you cannot always be outdoors but you can welcome the outdoors into your dorm room! A potted plant or two could be just what you need to help lower stress levels. No matter what you are studying, stress is always a part of life for any student. It’s also worth noting that you can add other green elements to your room such as green blinds, a green bedspread, and so on. Splashes of green here and there will certainly help improve concentration and productivity.

Finally, your plants will also be a reflection of your personality and they give you the opportunity to personalise your space without making any permanent changes to the room. You might prefer a lush plant that produces bright blooms. Or perhaps you enjoy something like a cactus or succulent. Bamboo is considered to be lucky while Aloe Vera can also be added to your diet or used to treat wounds. This means that it’s not only about the look of the plant but also any additional benefits you may enjoy.

Remember to always consider the needs of the plant before making your selection. Some plants enjoy more sun than others which means that you need to choose the perfect spot in your dorm room. If you are looking for plants that are particularly easy to care for, cacti and succulents are often your best bet. Since you might be spending most of your time studying and in classes, it’s usually best to get a plant that does not require daily care.