Flower styles to suit your home

When choosing to buy flowers for yourself or for a loved one, you might want to take some time to consider style. Flower arrangements are designed with themes and styles in mind. Fresh flowers are exellent for brightening up your surroundings but it’s important that the type bouquet you choose will complement the rest of the décor.

One of the most popular styles today is a modest and casual design. Many people choose to keep their home décor simple and comfortable as well as practical. These kinds of homes will have a warm and welcoming feeling. You will feel relaxed and the room will feel like it is one that is lived in rather than a museum where you shouldn’t touch anything. For the most part, the furniture will be made from wood or will match a wood theme. With this in mind, you should start your search by selecting the right vase or container. Baskets and ceramic containers are great. You could even use a plain clear glass vase if you want something a bit more versatile yet neutral. As for flowers, you should look for something that will create that “fresh picked from the garden” look. Examples include sunflowers, daisies, and hydrangeas.

If your home has a more modern or contemporary design, you will notice that there is a distinct clean cut feel to each room. This style is usually more incllined towards glass and chrome finishings. Window coverings are usually quite bold in colour such as red to help them stand out and create a dramatic contrast. The perfect vase for this setting is one that is either metalic in appearance or a glossy black or white vase. Glass vases that have an interesting shape are also great. When choosing flowers, try to keep the minimalist theme in mind. Suitable flowers include elegant roses, orchids, various lilies, and anthuriums.

Finally, let’s not forget about traditional style homes. These homes might have a Victorian theme or even a comfortable country style. Victorian themes are best decorated with mixed bouquets of elegant blooms like snapdragons and roses. As for a country style room, you should look for a bouquet that resembles a handpicked bunch. This means that you can include various colours like orange, yellow, pink, and splashes of dark purple too. Copper or earthy type containers are best for these kinds of flower arrangements.