Spring wedding flowers for every style and theme

If you are planning your wedding this spring, you need the perfect spring wedding flowers! No matter the theme or style of your big day, you will surely find that these blooms will prove perfect. Remember to discuss all of your seasonal options with your florist and ask for design ideas before making your choice.


These blooms are commonly associated with the spring season because this is when they bloom. They are known and loved for their unique shape and bright colour. Remember, if you plan on using these spring wedding flowers, you should take special care. The sap from the stem can cause skin irritations. If you plan on using them along with other flowers, daffodils need to be conditioned separately before they are added to the bouquet. This same sap can cause other flowers to perish.


There is nothing like the sweet scent of freesia! They have gorgeous long stems and they are available in various colours, including purple, red, orange, white and yellow. They are popular spring wedding flowers due to their satin-like petals.


Available in blue, purple, red, yellow, white and pink, hyacinths are sure to impress your guests! These spring wedding flowers can be used in your bridal bouquet or centrepieces. You could even set potted hyacinths on each table instead of cut stems.


Fragrant and rich in texture, it’s no wonder they are popular spring wedding flowers. These blooms are especially popular for vintage themed weddings. This is largely due to the fact that they were so popular during the Victorian Era.


Delicate and highly feminine, peonies are available in pink, garnett, red and white. Their high petal count is what makes them so beautiful to behold. They are the symbol of a happy life and marriage which is why they are often used as spring wedding blooms.


If you want blooms that will add height to your centrepieces, look no further than fragrant stocks! They are particularly well used in arrangements that include flowers with little to no scent.

There you have it! Plenty of options to consider when choosing your spring wedding flowers. Remember to discuss your wedding theme and colour scheme with your florist. They will be able to help you design bouquets and centrepieces to suit your budget.