How To Make Stargazer Lilies Last Longer

Stargazer lilies are in season during the spring months and you should certainly take advantage of these stunning flowers while you can!  Their aesthetic appeal makes them a really popular choice at any florist.  Stargazer lilies make great additions to a number of types of bouquets but they are perfectly stunning all on their own.  If you plan to send flowers, no matter the occasion, you should consider sending a simple, yet elegant, bouquet that consists of just five Stargazers and a touch of foliage.  Whether they are for somebody else or yourself, take note of the following guidelines and you can enjoy your Stargazers for as long as possible!

You will need:

– Your bouquet of Stargazer Lilies

– A clean vase

– Flower preserve

– A sharp pair of scissors

– A bucket of warm water


– As soon as you receive your Stargazer Lilies, you need to place them in a bucket of lukewarm

water.  Lukewarm water is preferred because it is absorbed better by cut stems so your flowers

will get the water and nutrients they need.

– Prepare your vase by making sure that it’s clean first.  Then you can add just a couple of inches

of warm water to the vase and dissolve the flower preserve in this water.  Flower preserves

help control the growth of bacteria in the water and they also provide the flowers with nutrients.

– Now, it’s time to start trimming the flower stems.  If possible, it is always best to trim your flower

stems under water.  This is to prevent air from entering the stems and obstructing absorption.

– Also, when trimming the stems, make sure that you do so at an angle.  This will create a larger

surface area for absorption and it will also prevent the stem from laying flat against the base of

the vase.  If flower stems lay flat against the vase base, this can also cause absorption to be

made difficult.

– While trimming the stems, you should also remove any excess leaves on the stem.  Bacteria

grows on the plant material and if you don’t remove the leaves and they end up under water in

the vase, this will provide bacteria with extra surfaces on which to grow and the water will

become contaminated much faster.

– As you trim each stem, place them in the vase.

– It is up to you if you want to remove the pollen.  Pollen can make quite a mess and, for those

with allergies, it can certainly cause problems.  By removing the pollen, the lifespan of the

Stargazer lily has been known to increase.

– Once you have all your flowers in the vase, it is time to put your bouquet on display.  Take

care not to place the bouquet in a draft or direct sunlight.  Keep fresh flowers away from

air conditioners, heaters and fire places too.

– As you notice a particular flower or some foliage deteriorate, it should be removed immediately.

– Replace the water every few days and, when you do, trim the stems again at an angle and add

flower preserve to the fresh warm water.