Spruce up your office for summer

We all love to welcome nature into our homes – particularly during the summer months. However, if your office space is bland and boring, it can be a real mood changer – and not in the good sense! If you want to spruce up your work area this summer, here are some essential tips:

Flowers and plants

Potted plants are excellent for adding a touch of nature to your desk. So, instead of having to stare at office supplies all day long, you will have something pretty to enjoy too. Some potted plants bloom and others do not. Choose a plant that will enjoy the conditions in your office. For example, if you don’t have much sunlight coming in, you should opt for something that enjoys shade. If you want a low maintenance plant, remember that cacti and succulents are the easiest to grow. For those who want the colour without the responsibility, cut flowers are for you! Set up a flower delivery schedule with your florist to ensure that you always have fresh blooms to enjoy.

Clean up your office

Office clutter is the one sure way of creating an unfriendly environment. Take the time to arrange your office so that it appears cleaner than ever and everything has its very own place. This will make your work area more pleasant and you will become more efficient too!

Screensaver or wallpaper

Even your computer can be more appealing if you choose the right screensaver or wallpaper! Choose something that suits the season so that it acts as a form of décor as well as a practical tool. Like your office, you can also take the time to clean up your computer and arrange all of your documents to ensure greater efficiency.

Floral scents

The smell of flowers or your favourite fresh scent (like pine) is enough to boost anyone’s mood. Take some time to read about the effects of various essential oils before investing in an infuser for your office. You might want to opt for the stick variety rather than those that require candles. A fire hazard is not something we want to create at work!