Spring 2016 wedding flower trends

Spring has finally arrived and the mercury is rising at last. It’s this kind of weather that makes couples want to celebrate their love and share their union with loved ones. Each season and every year, we see new fashion, décor, and floral trends make their mark. For couples who want to make sure that their spring wedding is decorated appropriately this year, here are some important wedding flower trends to keep in mind.


The best way of decorating any event, including weddings, is by choosing seasonal flowers. By doing so, you will ensure that your flower arrangements don’t look out of place. For example, an autumn style bouquet would not suit a spring table. So, ask your florist about the best seasonal blooms they have or search for flowers online for inspiration and ideas.


As far as bridal bouquets are concerned, we can expect to see loosely grouped bunches of flowers and foliage and the design will most likely be of a wider nature as a result. These bouquets are designed to look like fresh flowers just picked from a nearby field or garden. Although the bouquet is professionally arranged, it has a more amateur appearance and this is all part of the design appeal.


The types of vases used for table centrepieces is also likely to change this season. Many brides chose mason jar type vases in the past. Now, we are more likely to see more creative flower holders such as mercury glass. In fact, to create a genuinely homey feeling, brides can mismatch their vases so that each table (or every other table) has a different vase.


As far as colour are concerned, spring is often associated with pastels and pinks. This is not likely to change since nature usually provides us with an abundance of flowers in these colours during the spring months. Light pinks, beige, pale shades of purple, and even some yellow can work wonders together to create the perfect spring theme. Remember to always choose your foliage according to the style and size of the bouquet as well as the types of flowers you plan to use.


In terms of accessories and accents, this season we will most likely see a more simple yet elegant approach to floral design. Bridal bouquets might be improved by adding a long draping ribbon to the stems but this is about as far as the accessories will go.


Tablescapes are proving consistently popular and they often include several small flower arrangements with other decorative aspects (like fruit or flower petals) scattered around the base of the arrangement.


The best part about these kinds of flowers is that you don’t necessarily need to choose a specific colour scheme for your wedding. You can use a combination of colours and repeat these colours in your floral décor, place settings, and elsewhere.