Send tulips for spring

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers. They are colourful, elegant, and they have a wonderful way of warming up the room with their beauty. After a long winter and plenty of miserably weather, now is the time to bring back some sunny cheer with tulips!

When placing your order, you can choose between various colours as well as strictly tulip bouquets or mixed arrangements. Many people send red tulips as a romantic gesture while others enjoy displaying a variety of colours to welcome the warmer weather. Although some might say that tulips are delicate flowers, this does not mean that they won’t last long once cut. Sure, they might not be quite as hardy as a rose or carnation, but provided their needs are met, you can enjoy their beauty for quite some time!

Firstly, when you receive your tulips, you should place them in some cold water immediately. Most flowers prefer lukewarm water but those that are grown from bulbs, like tulips, are best treated to a cooler drink. Once in a bucket of fresh, cold water, you can hunt for the perfect vase. Of course, if your flower delivery arrives with a vase included, then you can skip this step!

Make sure that your vase is clean before adding fresh, crisp water and some flower preserve. The flower food helps provide the stems with nutrients while maintaining a suitable pH balance in order to discourage bacterial growth. Now that your vase is prepared, it’s time to arrange your flowers!

Remove any strings, rubber bands, and wrapper of any kind. Free up the stems and, one by one, trim them before placing them in the vase. All stems should be trimmed at an angle so that they do not sit flat on the bottom of the vase. This will obstruct water absorption and your flowers will perish at a faster rate.

Once all of your tulips are in the vase, make sure that they are properly “mixed up”. In other words, if you have several colours in the bouquet, you want to make sure that there are no colour clusters. Move and adjust your stems accordingly until you achieve the desired result.

Place your flowers on display anywhere you like. Just as long as you keep them away from direct sunlight, wind, and sources of heat. You will need to top up and change the water regularly. When you do, inspect the stems for bacterial growth. If the bottoms of the stems feel slippery, you should trim them slightly because bacteria is starting to obstruct their water absorption. When you notice any of the flowers start to perish, remove it immediately so that it does not speed up the decay of the rest of them.

Even if you send tulips to a loved one rather than ordering them for yourself, it’s a good idea to let the recipient know to use cold water and how to care for these flowers. That way, they will get the most out of every precious petal!