How to make a Special Home Brew from you Flowers

Have you ever thought about making your own very special tea? Well now you can! You can use fresh flowers from your garden to make a delicious flower tea. Firstly, this is only safe to do if you have not sprayed any of your plants with any pesticides and you do not, or you neighbours do not, have any pets that may have urinated on them. If your flowers are clean then read on!

The best flower to use to make your tea are roses especially the darker ones as they will give a far richer aromatic flavour. Other flowers are good to us too except for the seed pods from Lilies as many have allergies to this and they do not taste very nice.

What you should do is have some loose tea leaves at hand, you can choose other flavour such as earl grey or English breakfast to add more flavour to your flower tea. Take the petals from the roses, or choice flowers, and chop them up as you would herbs. Place them in a spot where they can be left to dry out. Once dried add them to the tea leaves and give them a good shake. Then you’re ready to go. Use boiling water and let the tea brew for a couple of minutes so that they can be left to infuse. Now you are ready to enjoy your special flower brew! Now put the kettle on.