A sincere apology with the right flowers

A fresh flower delivery can really do the trick when you need to say sorry. Let’s face it, we all trip up from time to time and somebody’s feelings are bound to get hurt. The best thing to do in this case is to apologise and make sure that your message comes across as sincere! Flowers can help you do just that but it’s important to choose the right flowers.

Lily of the Valley is a great choice if you and a friend have a disagreement. This flower represents a return to happiness. Use these flowers to remind your friend of all the good times and how much you truly value having them in your life. These flowers are delicate and need tender care – just like your friendship after a fight.

Show your deepest wishes to reconcile by sending a Star of Bethlehem flower. These flowers are pure white and they represent reconciliation which makes them perfect for saying sorry. White is also associated with innocence which will be a way of asking to wipe the slate and start over.

Ivy can be sent as a bush on its own or you can add sprigs of ivy to a bouquet to symbolise your feelings. Ivy looks wonderful with a peace lily as well as other flowers that you know the recipient may love. If the recipient has a particular favourite colour or type of flower, then you might consider sending them a bunch of their favourites with ivy added to the mix.

Yellow roses are known to represent friendship as well as innocence. So, if you have hurt a friend’s feelings, you can send a bunch of yellow roses to say you’re sorry. Pair these with other blooms mentioned above to make a truly apologetic bouquet.

Remember to include a sincere message along with your flower delivery and ask your florist about any additional gifts that can be added to your order. Chocolates, a stuffed animal, or even an elegant vase will give your gift an even greater effect.